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RV Financing

RV Financing in Fresno, California

RVs are expensive; everyone knows this. It’s hard to have the full amount of money on hand when you go to purchase one, which is why over 70% of the people who purchase RVs make use of financing options, along with careful budgeting and a lot of forethought.

Interested in doing the same? Freedom RV Fresno is your California RV dealer. Try these tips when looking for financing for your RV purchase and you should be able to successfully secure a loan.

Set a Firm Budget

First off, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the budget available for a down payment on your RV. Generally speaking, you’ll need to put down anywhere from 10% to 20% of the total sticker price on your RV at time of purchase. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a small or large RV or if it’s new or used; you’ll need to create a budget that you can stick to and that allows you to make affordable monthly payments on your loan. Don’t forget to factor in extra costs like insurance, maintenance, storage and accessories.

Know Your Credit Score

Another important step when looking into RV financing is having a good credit score. Your credit score impacts how much of a loan you can get, how high the interest rate is and how long the payback period lasts. It even affects whether you get the loan in the first place! The higher a score, the better. Try to get your credit score over 700 by paying off other debts and making judicious use of your credit in order to succeed at obtaining a loan.

Your credit score can also impact the type of loan you can get. Unsecured loans don’t involve the repossession of your RV if you default on your payments, but they have higher interest rates. Secured loans use your RV as collateral, which means that your RV can be repossessed if you default. With a secured loan, interest rates are lower and borrow rates are higher.

Ready to finance an RV purchase? Talk to our staff about our financing options to ensure you get the deal you want on the RV you love. Freedom RV Fresno proudly serves the cities of Visalia, Modesto and Merced, CA.

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